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PowerTMP Starter Kit
Starter Kit
PowerTMP: Gen 2 Temperature Sensor RFID Tags
PowerID’s PowerTMP temperature sensor tag revolutionizes cold chain visibility.  Cold chain managers can now monitor perishables in near real time, at the pallet level.

PowerTMP complies with the ISO 18000-6C standard, enabling supply chain managers to make use of existing EPCglobal Class 1, Generation 2 and ISO 18000-6C infrastructure.

In order to enable uninterrupted flow of goods in the supply chain, PowerTMP logs out-of-range events only.  If temperatures remain within the end-user defined thresholds, no events are stored.  This light data flow in the logistics chain allows supply chain operators to monitor goods in transit quickly and check up only on those goods that have registered out-of-range events.

How does it work?
  • End-user defines upper and lower temperature thresholds and time interval for measurement. 
  • If there are no out-of-range events, the tag shows that all is clear when read by a standard C1G2 reader. 
  • If there is one or more out-of-range events, the operator is notified by the reader and can remove the relevant good to interrogate the tag for out-of-range data.
  • Data can be seamlessly integrated into existing enterprise systems.
PowerTMP provides the following benefits:

Supported by existing infrastructure:  PowerTMP conforms with the ISO 18000-6C standard, allowing companies to make use of EPCglobal Class 1, Gen. 2 infrastructure.

Near real time monitoring: Cold chain managers can access information on out-of-range events as their goods move through the supply chain, allowing them to make decisions rapidly.

Simplicity: PowerTMP stores exception events according to pre-defined temperature values and can alert cold chain managers in near real time. 
High read ranges and reliability: A battery on board the PowerTMP label powers the sensor and enables high read ranges and reliability in challenging cold chain environments.

PowerTMP Specifications

Operating FrequencyUHF, 860-960 MHz
Air Interface Protocol

EPCglobal Class 1, Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C

Non-Volatile Memory CapacityUp to 512 out-of-range records
Operating Temperature– 20°C to + 60°C
Temperature Measurement

– 20°C to + 60°C

Sample Interval≥ 1 minute
Dimensions90 x 55 x 5 mm
 Lifetime        2 years 

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Losses due to spoilage and shrinkage translate into $32 billion for chilled meats, seafood, and cheese; $34 billion for produce; and $5.4 billion for pharmaceutical and biomed products (EPCGlobal).

Click here to download the PowerTMP white paper
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