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BAP Technology

Passive labels rely on gathering energy from a reader’s signal to wake up the label’s chip.  The chip can then backscatter a signal.  Due to interference caused by materials adjacent to the tag, passive tag chips may not harvest enough energy to wake up. 

BAP labels, in contrast, contain an integrated power source.  This power source eliminates the need to gather energy from the reader and wake up the chip. Moreover, the BAP label’s antenna can be optimized for providing excellent backscattering, enabling increased reliability and read rate even in the most challenging environments, such as those containing liquids and metals.

PowerID tags offer numerous advantages over competing BAP solutions:

Disposability – PowerID BAP RFID tags that use thin and flexible batteries are fully disposable.


Thin and flexible form factor – A thin and flexible form factor can be used where bulky tags are an issue such as race timing


Printability – A printable battery offers a cheaper solution than a non-printable power source since it can be integrated into the label manufacturing process itself.  Automated machinery that allows for a form factor with a button cell does not exist today.


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